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Welcome to! Your guide to authentic Bape (A Bathing Ape) products online!

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Interested on buying some AUTHENTIC Bape? You've come to the right place! As an avid Bape fan and collector (Yes, I collect Bape!) for a few years now I have came across many legit, fake, scammers, you name it... Bape sellers. And trust me there is A LOT of "FAPE" (Fake Bapes) sellers out there!

I, luckily have never been scammed or bought fake Bapes. Part of it, is because I have been collecting Bapes for a while now (so I know how to spot the fakes) but most of it is because I ALWAYS buy my Bapes from the SAME sellers.

Now you don't have to worry about the fake Bape sellers and the scammers as well!
Why? Because here I'm going to list authentic and legit Bape sellers where I and most Bape lovers buy our Bapes! I also wrote a brief history of Bape and some useful tips on spotting FAPES!

Where can I buy AUTHENTIC Bape?

There are ONLY a few Bape stores around the world (you can probably count them by hand) and most of them are located in Japan! If you live in North America or other parts of the world and do not have any Bape stores and/or retailers nearby THE BEST way to buy your AUTHENTIC Bape is through eBay.

This is how I (I'm located in the US) and MANY other Bape lovers buy our authentic Bapes!

Below I created a pretty detailed review of each eBay seller where I and MANY other Bape fans buy our authentic Bapes! This eBay sellers are legit and will ONLY sell you authentic Bapes!

You can easily check their eBay buyer feedback (you will see a link for each seller below) and you'll know that they have served and satisfied A LOT of Bape customers!

"Authentic and Legit BAPE (A BATHING APE) Sellers on eBay"

Pondon store has the most Bape products in stock. The store sells Bape shoes, Bape hoodies, Bape pants and some other Bape accessories.

Pondon store is where you should start searching for your authentic Bapes, the store has lots of choices and Bape products in stock. Amazing service and fast shipment!

Shipment: Pondon ships Worldwide and your Bape should arrive within a week.

happyjagabee store has a great selection of different Bape products as well. It's definitely worth checking out!

Shipment: happyjagabee ships Worldwide and your Bape should arrive within a week.

Tokyoape store sells Bape hoodies and Bape T-shirts. Unfortunately, Tokyoape does not sell any Bape shoes so check out Pondon and happyjagabee store if you're shopping for some Bape shoes.

Shipment: Tokyoape ships Worldwide and your Bape should arrive within a week.


Bape shoes and hoodies are probably the most popular Bape items, so below I listed a quick link to Bape shoes and hoodies store page from the sellers above. Remember to pick the right size for you!

What is Bape?

Bape also known as A Bathing Ape is a Japanese clothing brand founded by Nigo (real name Tomoaki Nagao) in 1993. Bape produces T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, hoodies, parkas, underwear, jackets, denim, shoes (BapeSTA) and more. Bape gain much popularity because of its unique design and popular celebrities/rappers notably Pharrel started wearing the brand.

Bape has now expanded and also operates Bape Cuts hair salon, Bape Café and gallery, Bape Sounds records and more.

Bape only produce and release limited design and quantity for a certain amount of time. Also, only a few stores exist around the world and most of them are located in Japan! Due to brand rarity and high demands typical Bape products are in the mid-high $xxx and sometimes even in the $xxxx range.


Bape Shoes (BapeSTA, RoadSTA etc.)
- Bape shoes should have insoles with Bape logo and when you compare the logo on both shoes the logo must be facing the opposite direction.
- Real embroidery. Check the back of the shoes for the "Bape" logo embroidery.
- Too cheap! Authentic Bape shoes retail around $200+ USD (it can be cheaper sometimes) but if it's less than $100 then it's fake!

Bape Hoodies (Sharks, Tigers, Baby Milo etc.)
- Stitching around the Bape tag should be clean.
- Bape hoodies retail around $150-$350 (it can be more expensive sometimes), anything less is most likely fake.
- Anything over XL size is pretty rare to non-existant.

This are probably the most common way of telling if someones Bape is fake or not. I already listed legit and authentic eBay Bape sellers above so you shouldn't worry about your Bapes being fake :)

There you have it folks :) I created this simple authentic Bape guide to help everyone out, I hate to see someone get scammed or buy Bapes and only to find out later that it's fake.

REMEMBER TO ONLY buy Bape products on eBay from Pondon, happyjagabee and Tokyoape so you know you're only buying authentic Bapes! I will constantly update this page and add more legit and authentic Bape eBay sellers to the list.

If you have any Bape related questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact me. Enjoy your new Bape! :)

Last Updated on: July 2024